Since the establishment of our company in 1978, under the support and guidance from the industrial field, we, depending on our continuous progress of technology as well as stable quality, have been directly manufacturing from silver brazing alloy materials to expand gradually to related business since our establishment, such as, the professional manufacturing of Gold/Silver/Aluminiun/Silicon wire.. for the soldering of High Technology Electron business, furthermore, in 1986, we have invested / established KIN-HO-HSIN ABRASIVE IND. CO., LTD. in Kuan-Ten Industrial District, to produce every kind of abrasive; and in 1995 invested / established CHUNG FU OPTICAL LENS FACTORY in mainland China, to produce every kind of Sun-glasses and reading glasses. Especially, we would like to introduce our new technology to manufacture the silver alloy wire for conduct-electricity, esp. for Fuses wire, High Techonology Electron Industry and other electrical equipment.

          In order to expand our products and technology range, would cordially introduce our products details respectively in this catalogue, our whole staff persist in consistent management principle, by purpose of good fame, sincerity and progress to serve all customers and offer customers more higher quality, more progressive technology, earnestly hoping the industrial field to support and guide us continuously, so that we renew this catalogue, and your further opinions as well as suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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